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Paranormal Series Author Giving ‘Ghost Talks’ This Halloween

Manila, Philippines (October 2013) — Student Paranormal Research Group (SPRG) Series author A.S.Santos is offering to deliver a highly informative talk about The Top 10 Things Teens Need To Know About The Paranormal during this Halloween month of October to high school students,college groups, and organizations who reserve their spot by emailing info(at) this September.

A.S.Santos is the author of the SPRG Series, a paranormal romance trilogy for college students set in one of the well-known universities in Manila. Beginning with book one titled Voices In The Theater (released last year) and now followed this year by book two, Corpse In The Mirror, the series follows Filipino-American Samantha Davidson as she comes to terms with her growing psychic abilities, and as she tries to find answers by joining her school’s newly-formed Student Paranormal Research Group.

“It was during my teens that I started having paranormal experiences of my own,” reveals Santos, “And in my current work with teens and new adults, I’ve come to realize that many of them encounter many strange experiences, too. They just don’t often know how to make sense of them.”

The SPRG Series has become the author’s way of helping teens make sense not just of their ghost experiences, but also of the other mysterious experiences that come with the territory of young adulthood: changing relationships with parents, managing priorities, nurturing friendships, and--of course--figuring out this mysterious phenomenon called love.

“All of our strangest experiences seem to happen during our teens,” the author says, smiling.

“One of my own personal experiences with the paranormal happened when I once used a Ouija board to contact a spirit. In response to my question, the spirit spelled out the full name of the person I was supposed to marry. At that time I didn’t know anyone by that name, but that same week a classmate told me someone from a neighboring school wanted to meet me, and when I asked who it was she mentioned the exact name that the spirit gave me through the Ouija board.”

(Before we continue this story, Santos gives us a warning: DO NOT ever play with the Ouija board, or Spirit of the Glass, or Spirit of the Coin. The author will tell you exactly why during the talk The Top 10 Things Teens Need To Know About The Paranormal.)

“My classmate asked if I wanted her to arrange a meeting between me and this person,” continues Santos. “At that moment I realized I was about to make a major decision in my life. I knew that if I actually met this person--at that moment in time, when I was only fifteen--I would always carry around in my mind the idea that this was the person I was going to marry. This idea would naturally influence my decisions,until, eventually, I probably will end up marrying this person. Not because of my complete choice, but because an unknown spirit had planted the idea in my mind.

“So I told my classmate, ‘No, please don’t introduce us.’ If I was really supposed to be with this person, then I knew we would have the chance to meet each other eventually. But at that point in my life, I knew that our meeting each other would not be good for me at all.”

As of this writing, Santos still hasn’t met the person-mentioned-by-the-Ouija-board. In fact, the author is now happily married to someone else,“Someone I really chose to be with,” the author says, “And not because of the influence of some spirit.”

Santos realized then that our paranormal experiences often have something to teach us, not just about life and death, but also about who we really are.

The author concludes that “This is what my characters go through in the SPRG Series as well. Because every kind of experience we have helps us become who we’re supposed to be.

“Even the paranormal ones.”

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To reserve an October talk schedule for your school group or organization (YES, bookstores, cafes, and radio show invites are also welcome!), please email info(at) with the subject heading “We want to invite A.S.Santos.” Schedules will be booked on a first come, first served basis.

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