Friday, July 19, 2013

The Paranormal Romance for College Students

While most popular teenage romance series nowadays deal with future worlds, demigod powers, immortality, or magic, the paranormal romance trilogy that begins with Voices In the Theater actually has regular teenagers in it... except that one of them has developing psychic abilities.
Old School = Creepy Ghost Stories
If you've ever studied in an old school or university, you know how very common ghost stories associated with them are. And if you've heard the same story enough times, you may have entertained thoughts of checking out if any of it was true... or maybe even actually did your own investigation with your friends.

In Manila, Philippines, just about every major university is old enough to have its share of historical post-war ghost stories, or even those that came after more recent student tragedies. And for some reason, many of these ghost stories seem to be associated with school theaters or auditoriums.

Creepy Theaters & Shadowy Ghosts
One of the more popular school-theater-related ghost stories in the area happened when a student allegedly took a group photograph of her classmates after their successful stage play, and when the film was developed they saw that:

...a nun was with them during curtain call. The nun had no face, was floating, tip-toed, and her hands were clasped as though in prayer. Her hands were pointed downwards and her head was cracked as though she had been hanged...

- OSC Anthea Lamigo

Voices In The Theater: Does Your School Have Them, Too?
One such theater story is the focus of the investigation in Voices In The Theater. While the main ghost story featured in the novel is fictional, many of the other paranormal situations mentioned throughout the book are based on true events experienced by various people connected to the author.

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