ABOUT The Author

Writing Career

A.S. Santos has been writing for magazines since the age of 14, and has worked professionally as:
  • a scriptwriter for television shows
  • a magazine editor
  • a creative writing teacher, and 
  • a creativity workshop facilitator. 
(TRIVIA: Santos still currently contributes self help articles
to several magazines.)

Paranormal Experiences

The author’s own experiences with the paranormal began in high school, culminating in disturbing encounters with the Ouija board.

Since that time Santos became interested in the paranormal, but mostly in the scientific theories about what makes paranormal phenomena possible. 
(TRIVIA: 1st paranormal research book read by the author:
ESP, Hauntings, and Poltergeists by Loyd Auerbach.) 

Origin of the SPRG Series 

In 2009, Santos was working on a booklet called “The Top 12 Things Teens Need to Know About the Paranormal.” It was a personal project, designed to help teens today better understand the paranormal experiences they may have.

But that booklet project was abandoned, when in the middle of researching it the author suddenly had the idea for a three-book series about a teenage girl who gradually develops her psychic abilities upon joining her school’s paranormal research group.

And that was the beginning of the SPRG series.
(TRIVIA: A.S.Santos is a fan of Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
the Mortal Instruments trilogy, and the Hunger Games.)

Public Appearances

A.S. Santos has already done author visits with groups of college students who used the book Voices In The Theater for their English book reports.

Santos has also guested in a morning radio show one Halloween day (October 31, 2012), and -- while answering questions about the paranormal from callers -- actually experienced a paranormal event during the show.

Invite The Author

If you would like to invite the author for a public appearance, kindly contact the publisher here for possible schedules. A.S. Santos particularly appreciates connecting with readers through:
  • author visits to high schools, universities, libraries, and bookstores
  • events where the audience wants to know about the
    "Top 10 Things Teens Need to Know About the Paranormal,"
    or about "The 5 Kinds of Ghosts."
  • and radio, magazine, news, and blog interviews.

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