Thursday, December 19, 2013

While A.S. Santos was finishing Book 2 of the SPRG series...

...they were experiencing manifestations in their own house, for some reason.

It started in December 2012 (exactly one year ago), and lasted until March 2013, with incidents happening about twice a month.

They were actually very simple manifestations, and they were quite consistent:

People in their household often heard movement inside empty bedrooms.

Thud Against The Wall
The bedroom belonging to their housekeeper L has one entire wall made of wood. On the other side of this same wall was a hallway, where several pictures are hanging on display.

While A.S. Santos was alone in the house one day (everyone else was out), the author distinctly heard a thud against the inside of L's bedroom wall, like an adult body had just slammed against it. It was so distinct that some of the pictures hanging on the hallway shook.

But when Santos opened L's bedroom door, there was no one inside. In fact, the author was still all alone inside the house.

Even as a writer of paranormal fiction, the author felt there must be a logical explanation to it, and decided not to tell anyone.

Chairs Moving
About a week later, when L the housekeeper was alone in the house, she distinctly heard chairs being moved around inside F & D's bedroom. The chair leg sounds could be heard scraping across the floor, loud enough to reach all the way to the kitchen where L was.

When L went in to check, there was no one there. The two chairs in the room were standing in the middle of the floor, but L couldn't be sure if they had just been moved there (since F & D don't always leave them in their proper place).

More Chairs
The final incident happened when C & A left the house and locked their bedroom door behind them, the way they usually do.

They were gone for about 3 hours, but when they came back D reported that they heard the chairs inside their bedroom moving around in their absence.

Because of D's report, everyone else started sharing their own experiences, and that was the only time they realized it had been happening consistently, but they were all just shrugging it off.

These manifestations were nothing alarming, just interesting.

And since A.S. Santos usually writes about the paranormal at night, it's a good thing it didn't turn into anythig more than that.