Friday, September 27, 2013

The Ghost Who Visited Me While I Was Still In My Mother's Womb

You could say that my very first paranormal experience was when while I was still a baby... inside my mother's womb.

Mom and Dad had been married for only a year when my Mom's father -- the grandfather I never got to know -- had a heart attack and died on the spot.

Since Mom was the eldest child and the first one to get married, my grandfather had been looking forward to seeing his grandkids, but never had the chance. He'd already been dead a few months when my Mom finally got pregnant with her first child, which turned out to be me.

Mom says I was about 7 months old in her womb when she woke up suddenly one night. She didn't know what time it was, and was about to go back to sleep when she noticed something strange about the bedroom wall right in front of her.

At first she thought she was looking at smoke, and wondered if there was a fire. But she didn't smell any fire, and pretty soon from out of the smoke she saw the figure of her recently-deceased father, walking towards her as if coming from a long way off.

Within a few moments he was in front of her, in their room, standing at the foot of their bed (my Dad was sleeping soundly right next to her).

Grandfather was breathing heavily -- as if he'd really traveled from a far off place -- and Mom said he looked exactly the way he did when he was still alive.

My grandfather never said anything. He simply stood there, smiled at her, and smiled at her womb and the grandchild she was carrying (me). After a few more moments, he slowly disappeared.

My mom says she never felt any fear all throughout the experience... and never had any visits from her father ever again.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

When Grandmother Said Goodbye

Grandma's Favorite Dog 

Our grandmother died at 3am on January 1, 2010. She had just finished celebrating the coming of the New Year, and a few hours later she was gone.

After her funeral we adopted and brought home her favorite dog, "J," a cute brown shih tzu, because everyone thought we could take better care of him.

J was friendly, toilet-trained, and became instantly protective of the kids in the family; he stayed wherever they were, and usually slept in their bedroom.

40 Days Later

One night--about a month after grandmother's death--something strange happened.

It was a Saturday night and the kids were allowed to stay up late. They were in the living room watching a movie, and J was on the floor near them, looking like he wanted to go to sleep.

According to the kids, "all of a sudden J's ears perked up, his tail started wagging, and he started bouncing around joyfully, running and barking at an empty wall."

A few times he even excitedly stood up on his hind legs, like he was reaching up to someone he loved.

The kids were too weirded out to react or move (it was a quiet night; the adults were reading in their rooms). It really seemed to them that J was playing with someone/something they couldn't see.

5 Minutes Of Playing With Someone Invisible 

After five minutes of this strange behavior, J just as suddenly settled down, returned to his spot on the living room floor, turned around a few times, then lay down and curled up to sleep.

To this day we believe it was our grandmother who came to our living room that night.

The kids couldn't see her, but J could... and she stayed around to play with him, until she had to say goodbye.

After all, J was her favorite dog.