Monday, August 3, 2015

4 and 5 Star Reviews of the Entire SPRG Trilogy on (plus fan art!)

Ever since we published the SPRG series, we've gotten different kinds of feedback from distinctly different types of readers:
  • There are a few readers who think that it's just another story about a teenager with psychic abilities, or just another scary story... and they leave it at that.

    Apparently, they are not our target audience, and that's okay.
  • Then there are those readers (a lot of them!) who actually "get it" -- and they love the science / psychology / spirituality / romance / creepiness of it (usually all of the above!), and they get the underlying messages of faith, love, and hope in between the lines.

    And yes, you are our people, and we love you to bits. :-)
  • Then there are those who take it a step further:

    They not only "get it," and they not only LOVE it... they are now our fans/advocates/evangelists, posting reviews of the SPRG books when they can, and even making fan art so they can stay connected with our characters...

    And YES, we love you even more!

Here's just a sample of fan art example we've gotten recently, as well as reviews of all three books (that we just discovered) posted on

Thank you for these, Mikaela and Iya, and we hope more people (especially those who need the message of these books) would join our tribe soon!

Mikaela Jaluag's "group photo" of all the members of the SPRG:
The humans (from left to right): Sir Julius, Eartha, Richard, Sam, Migs, Aris, Lana, and Vanessa.

Meanwhile, here are the per-book reviews on by Iya:

Click the photo to enlarge / read the review.
Click here to read Voices in the Theater.

Click the photo to enlarge / read the review.
Click here to read Corpse in the Mirror.

Click the photo to enlarge / read the review.
Click here to read Darkness in the World.

Recently we learned we actually have one more type of reader: those who are more similar to Samantha Davidson (our main character) than they first realize.

They are usually spiritually sensitive, and when they read certain parts of the books, they report that they seem to hear and feel extra information as well, or are reminded vividly of their own past experiences.

Our only explanation for this phenomena is this:

SPRG series author A.S.Santos has had her own real life paranormal experiences, and many of their bits and pieces and actual details are woven into these books. This is why she's called on the help of angels many times during the writing of this trilogy... and most likely these are the connections & energies that our sensitive readers are picking up on, as well.

It is for you that we offer this reminder: