Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Could The Ouija Board Help You Find True Love?

Love Coach - Turned - Paranormal Romance Author
Shares Her True Story

By day, Aileen Santos is known as “The Relationship Coach,” with a number of her past clients now finding and growing loving relationships of their own.

But by night—well, in between coaching & workshop sessions, to be exact—Coach Aileen goes by another name: A.S.Santos, author of the teen paranormal romance series called The SPRG.

Of Love & The Paranormal

SPRG stands for Student Paranormal Research Group, and it is in this novel-based organization that college student Samantha Davidson not only discovers her growing psychic powers, but also becomes involved in a spiritual battle between good and evil.

And yes, she learns a thing or two about love, too.

When asked how she became involved in such diverse fields as love and the paranormal, Santos simply explains that these are “the two most confusing experiences of teenage life.”

A Personal Experience 

In fact, one of Santos’ own early experience of both was when she played the Ouija board in high school, and the spirit she contacted gave her the full name of the man she was supposed to marry.

“At that time, I didn’t know anyone by that name,” recalls Santos, “And I didn’t mention it to anyone. But just a week later a classmate of mine said this guy from another school wanted to meet me… and he had the exact same name that I got from the Ouija board.”

So did she meet this guy in high school, and eventually marry him years later?

Santos smiles. “Actually, I never got to meet him. I was only fifteen then, but I knew that if I met the guy that some ‘spirit’ told me I’d one day marry, then it would be like I had no choice in the matter. That information would always be at the back of my head, and would influence my decisions about him. Which is why I told my classmate, ‘Don’t introduce us, please.’ I figured that if we were meant to be together, then we’ll have another chance to find each other.”

What Happened Next 

Many years later, Santos is now happily married to the man who gave her the courage to become a relationship coach, “The one who’s shown me that real love happens.” And no, he is not the man from the Ouija board. Instead Santos says, “He is my choice—not some strange spirit’s.”

In fact, this concept of making your own choices is one of the underlying themes throughout the SPRG paranormal romance trilogy, while the Ouija board itself is featured in Corpse in the Mirror, book two of the series. (Ed’s note: Santos’s biggest message about the Ouija board is this: “Do NOT use it.”)

Writing Her Own Future  

Santos is a Registered Guidance Counselor with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, and is a Certified Professional Coach.

has worked professionally as a magazine writer and editor, as a television scriptwriter, and as a creative writing workshop facilitator, and is a fan of Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Mortal Instruments trilogy, and the Hunger Games.

It is in the SPRG series that Santos gets to combine love and the paranormal, in the form of a creatively spooky, three-book story.

Book 1: Voices in the Theater was published by Flipside in 2012, followed by Book 2: Corpse in the Mirror in 2013. Both are now available on Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo. 

Santos is currently writing Book 3: Darkness in the World, with a planned release date of Halloween 2014.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Is It Really Just An Imaginary Friend?

Does your child simply have an imaginary friend?

Or could it be something more sinister that you need to do something about?

Here are four (4) differences between "harmless imaginary friends" and "possible harmful entities" that can help you decide:

If you feel that your child's "imaginary friend" may be something you need to be concerned about, seek the help of a counselor or a psychologist first to rule out other possibilities / diagnoses, and to create a plan of action for what you can do next.

- The SPRG Team