RESOURCES: Download Your Book Discussion Guides


Attention: Teachers, Professors, Book Clubs, and Parents!

If you’ve been looking for creative ways to spark learning and dialogue with young adults – whether in high school or college level – then the SPRG novels can help you.

Whether you are:
  • an English language professor or teacher,
  • a Guidance Counselor,
  • a Book Club or Support Group member or facilitator,
  • a parent who wants meaningful dialogue with their teen/s, or
  • someone who simply wants to enhance his/her reading experience of the SPRG novels,
then these discussion guides are for you.

Download, Share, and Discuss – All For Fr*e!

You have permission to download these discussion guides, reproduce them, and distribute them free of charge, as long as you agree not to change any of their contents and retain all the copyright information included in these documents.

If you experience exciting discussions or breakthroughs using these guides, or have other ideas / suggestions for improving them, then feel free to send us a message through the comments box below.

Just click on each link below, download, and discuss with your teen!

These guides were designed to facilitate creative thinking and meaningful dialogue among groups or individuals, in informal or classroom settings. As such, there is no “boxed” answer key. Instead you will find that all of the answers to these guide questions can be found from a thorough reading of the book involved, from the participants’ own experiences and insights, and from the skillful guidance of the teacher / professor / group facilitator.

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