Monday, August 19, 2013

Something Paranormal Happened During A.S.Santos' Radio Interview

On Halloween morning October 31, 2012, DJs Vince & Lexi interviewed A.S. Santos on the their radio show called The Wake Up Show at the Manila station Mellow 94.7fm. 

DJ Vince didn't believe in the paranormal but was very open-minded, while DJ Lexi had experiences of her own. As they talked about the four kinds of ghosts, however, they were experiencing something strange in the booth, too.


At first, it was very trivial.

They were inviting their listeners to call in with their ghost stories, but for the first hour they weren't getting any calls.

Correction: the station phone was always ringing, but whenever DJ Vince picked it up, they'd find that the call had been dropped.

Now, this wasn't so extraordinary. A lot of people try calling up radio shows and then chicken out at the last minute. But the fact that it was happening consistently was a bit strange.


The next hour was different, because the calls were finally getting through.

But then the conversation would get cut midway (like the caller would be talking, and then there'd be that unmistakable pot-pot-pot sound telling them the caller was no longer there). Sometimes it happened before they even had the chance to put the caller on air.

Still, a lot of the callers did make it to the end of their short personal experience stories about the paranormal, and things were going well.



An interesting call came through; the caller was an Engineer by profession, and he was telling A.S. Santos about how his college professor introduced him to the concept of "white noise," and how spirits can supposedly contact us through it.

For those of you who don't know, white noise is that static you get on the radio when you're flipping in between stations; it's also the video and audio static you get on your television sets.

The theory is that white noise is a source of energy and a possible open channel through which human beings (with normal senses) can receive messages; therefore, it's an ideal tool that spirits (which are made up of energy) can use to manifest and communicate with the living .

(There was even a 2005 film about it titled White Noise, starring Michael Keaton.)
But this is the call where it happened.

As A.S. Santos was explaining all this energy and white noise stuff to the caller, a sudden loud burst of WHITE NOISE filled all of their headphones, and the entire show went off the air for about 2 seconds.

The burst of static was so loud that DJ Vince jerked back on his chair with a rather loud "Whoa!" while DJ Lexi jumped up from her seat, jerked off her headphones, and looked at everyone with wide eyes.

Two seconds later they were back on air, and A.S. Santos continued talking to the caller, who was still on the line.

Meanwhile, the show's Twitter and Facebook pages suddenly lit up with messages, with people asking "What just happened?!" and "Was that a prank?"

And it was totally not.

The sad part is that they didn't get to record what happened. A.S. told DJ Vince it would've been interesting to listen to and review that burst of white noise, since it might have contained an audible message.

DJ Vince laughed nervously, and said since he was the senior deejay, he'd simply assign DJ Lexi to do the reviewing.

Later, he told A.S. that what had happened really couldn't have been because of something technical. The only thing that could've caused something like that was a "blackout," and if it was a blackout then they couldn't have gone back on air for at least an entire minute.

Also, a blackout would've just created a quiet "ssshhhhhh" sound in their headsets as the connection disappeared; it wouldn't have cause the loud burst of sound that they actually heard.

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