Friday, April 4, 2014

School Ghost Story: The Man Downstairs

Photo by Bjearwicke
My kid's Catholic school is over 100 years old. There is a basement under the gym that's used for storage.

I was subbing once, and during recess one of the kick balls goes down the stairs.

A little girl was standing at the top of the stairs yelling, "Just throw it up to me."

I went over and asked who she was talking to, and she replied:

"That big man down the stairs."

I went down and there was nobody down there, and it was the only way in.

I asked some of the other kids if they have seen the man before, and they said, "Yes, but Sister told us not to talk to him."

I asked them to describe "Sister," and they described a nun.

There haven't been nuns at the school in 40 years.

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