RESOURCES: Get Your Ghost Hunting Kit

Would you like to experience being a paranormal investigator for a day?

SPRG series author A.S.Santos teamed up with Cyburban to create the virtual
Intramuros Ghost Tour that you (and your friends) can take at your own schedule,
as long as you're in Intramuros, Manila (Philippines).

Here's what you need to do:

STEP 1: Download & install the following into your smart phone / tablet:

STEP 2: Schedule a trip to Intramuros, Manila with your family / friends!

STEP 3: Go through each location in this guidebook,
and perform the challenges via the Cyburban app.

STEP 4: Document your findings at the online EMF Log here.


  • Observe safety and adopt an attitude of respect in every location you visit.
  • Go with a friend (or a small group of friends). Follow the guidelines at each site.
  • Be mindful of other visitors / tourists: keep your gadgets on silent mode.
  • "Performing rituals" or "contacting the dead" is not part of this paranormal investigation.
  •  This virtual ghost tour is offered simply as a reference guide for you to experience regular tourist attractions with a more exciting twist.
    The way you actually conduct your visit -- and the safety and welfare of everyone involved in your visit -- remains your full responsibility.
  • DISCLAIMER: SPRG & Cyburban will not be liable for any loss, liability or damage of whatever kind arising as a result of any reliance placed upon this information by the visitor or any other person even if we are expressly advised of the possibility of such loss, liability or damage.

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